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I am always interested in tips and tricks so I can keep my house as clean as I can (since I work from home blogging!). 

So today I am going to be sharing with you my top 10 tips on how to keep a clean abode and FINALLY stop being messy!

I wanted to share with you a couple of these habits that I have given to myself over the last year to try and maintain a clean space and clean abode while I am blogging full time.

I always kind of believed that eventually, I could be an organized person because by nature I’m pretty lazy and by doing these below I was able to make that happen and now I have become a much more clean, neat and happy person for it.

These are habits I do every single day to make my house look clean and organized and I know it’s very difficult to keep it clean while blogging or raising kids so here are my 10 little things that you can do to keep your home looking clean, minimal and organized!


Let’s get to it!

Make Your Bed

So my first tip is a really quick and easy one but it is so effective and it is to make your bed every morning. Just by taking a couple of minutes to make your bed can make your whole room look so much cleaner and that much more inviting a night.

Have a Home For Every Item

I live by this tip and it’s to have a home for every item, every time you bring something new into your house. Find a good spot for that item to live, by intentionally choosing a good spot for that item to live. Doing this can help your whole house stay tidier and when you do clean up your house it makes it a lot easier to know where to put everything away.

Do Small Loads Of Laundry

The method to this tip is to do smaller loads of laundry so that folding and putting away becomes that much easier. Most people wait till the hamper is overflowing, and that gets you backed up. So when the hamper is half full, that is a good indicator to do a load.

Fold Your Laundry Immediately

My next tip is to fold clothes immediately. So you basically fold your clothes ASAP and you line them up in your drawers for neat and tidy clothes or towels and it makes finding things so much easier and quicker.

Invest In Storage Solutions

My next tip is to invest in some clever storage solutions around your house if you have any problem areas with things building up like in my case with my variety of teas in my pantry. Investing in storage solutions such as containers and jars that are BPA free go a heck of a long way!

Minimalize Every Six Months

It’s also really important to minimalize your things every six months. I personally like to take out all of my clothes at the change of every season and just go through what I want to keep and what I want to throw or give to charity.

  Even though a lot of people have a hard time giving away items they have spent money on… it’s a great time to allow for more space for better quality items.

Follow The Clear Counter Rule

My next trip is to have clear counters and that may seem like a very obvious tip but I think it’s worth saying because it makes such a difference. The clear counter rule is to literality have all surfaces in the home clear. It’s a bit like making your bed, but it’s a habit that’ll change everything!

  Use 1 Part Vinegar to Two Parts Water to spray on ALL your surfaces. 

Pick Out Your Outfit The Night Before

I am the biggest culprit of trying on a million outfits and throwing them on the ground and leaving them but if you pick out your outfit the night before it makes a world a difference in how clean your house and bedroom look.

Fill Up Your Dishwasher After Dinner

This tip is easy if you have a dishwasher and it’ll be one of the last things that you do each night after dinner before you sit down and relax.

Fill up your dishwasher after dinner and put it on while you are relaxing OR doing your nightly routine. Keep in mind running the dishwasher right before bed can be a fire hazard, so try to put it on while you are relaxing before bedtime instead! 

It’s so nice in the morning when you come down to a clean house and all you have to do is unload your clean dishes.

Ask Yourself If You NEED it!

My next tip to having a clutter-free house is by asking yourself if you really need it before buying… If you do? Then make sure to get rid of all of the extra stuff that you don’t need and just make sure that everything looks very clean by having less.

Less stuff messing up your home is less stuff messing up your life. If you want to learn more, then check out The Beginner’s Guide To Minimalism HERE!

Wrapping It Up

Keeping your home minimal is easy if you start slow, really think about what you need and what you can let go of, and adjust some habits that you can stick to down the road. 

I really hope you enjoyed these tips! Please let me know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to Subscribe To My Newsletter, where I share all my blogging and abode tips/hacks with you there.

And if this is something you want to see more of then definitely let me know by re-sharing or pinning.

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